Scorecard Update – Part Deux

Authorized Brands:

  • Shindo Laboratory
  • Auditorium 23 (A23)
  • DeVore Fidelity
  • J.C. Verdier
  • Acoustic Plan
  • EMT
  • Sugden Audio
  • Leben Hi-Fi
  • Sugden
  • Box Furniture
  • Falcon Acoustics
  • Tonapparate Audio Furniture


Currently on Demonstration:

  • Shindo Aurieges pre-amp
  • Shindo Montille CV391 push-pull stereo amplifier
  • Shindo interconnects
  • A23 Hommage 755 loudspeaker
  • A23 Hommage Cinema loudspeaker
  • A23 Denon and EMT SUTs
  • A23 interconnects and speaker cables
  • Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a
  • DeVore Orangutan 93
  • DeVore Orangutan 96 loudspeaker
  • Acoustic Plan DigiMaster DAC
  • Acoustic Plan PowerMaster upgrade power supply
  • Leben Audio CS-600 integrated amp
  • Sugden A21 SE integrated amp
  • PTP Solid 12 + 9 turntable
  • Thomas Schick 12″ tone arm
  • EMT TSD75 mc cartridge


Imminent Arrivals:

  • JC Verdier Platine Nouvelle turntable
  • Auditorium 23 Hommage a Ken
  • Acoustic Plan Drivemaster CD transport
  • Box Furniture rack
  • Shindo Monbrison pre-amp (new version)
  • Shindo Cortese F2a single-ended stereo amp (new version)
  • Tonapparate rack

One thought on “Scorecard Update – Part Deux

  1. Hi David- Let me know if/when you receive the JC Verdier table. Do you still have the PTP Solid 12?
    I’m interested in an audition of the PTP. I left a msg for you here before, and didn’t hear back. Hope all is well. Private email: don.nigro 0314 @…….. After my name, that is all numbers, the 0314….

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