Feel the Rethm – Maarga

I’m jumping the gun a bit here. Having spent the last week getting acquainted with the Rethm Bhaava with their new 8” full-range driver, I’m hungry for more. As it happens, the pair of Maarga used in the Soundstage Ultra review had become available, so I pounced.

As it happens, reviewer Tom Mathew used the Shindo Laboratory Monbrison pre-amp and Haut Brion and Cortese power amps in his review. I’m listening to the latest revision to the Monbrison and the latest Cortese F2A with the Bhaava here at the Forge. Need one go that far? No, of course not, but try it if you have a chance. (Pro Tip: You have a chance! Contact me via the form on the contact page and we’ll set up a nice, uninterrupted listening session for you.)

i’m listening to the Bhaava in the Forge’s front listening area, which is much taller (12’+ wood and beams vs. 9’ dropped acoustic tile), and deeper, (30’ vs. 20’) than the back listening area. While they sound wonderful there, the space is a good bit beyond Rethm’s recommended room size for this model. The logical next move? Jump two models up the line to the Maarga, which is more sensitive and has a larger pair of Isobaric woofers driven by more powerful amplifiers.

I can’t wait to hear what the Shindo/Maarga combo is capable of. Stay tuned!

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