What’s Newvelle?

I wanted to say, “Quelle est Newvelle?”, but a quick check with Google Translate informed me that “What’s New” would actually be “quoi de neuf?” in French, so there went the clever title/intro.

Anyway . . . Having stereo gear with astonishing abilities is all very nice and keeps a lot of us busy, either as a business or hobby, but what use is it without wonderful recordings? No use at all, is the inevitable answer.

So, I was thrilled when a vendor, (hint: he’s extremely tall), turned me on to Newvelle Records, founded by Elan Mehler, a New York jazz pianist and composer, and Jean-Christophe Morisseau, a Parisian business executive. Their plan?

“We are building an association of likeminded music lovers, interested in acquiring new music available solely on vinyl. We are offering memberships to receive a new pressing bimonthly of some of the finest artists in the world and we are offering it in a format that is completely exclusive.”

They sell memberships which entitle the subscriber to an LP every other month, which becomes a box set at the end of the year. Their first season, (which I’ve just ordered),  consists of the following albums:

  • Frank Kimbrough Quintet
  • Jack Dejohnette Solo Piano
  • Noah Preminger Quartet, featuring Ben Monder, John Patitucci and Billy Hart
  • Don Friedman Trio, featuring the music of Booker Little with Phil Palombi on bass and Shinnosuke Takahashi on drums
  • Ben Allison Trio, featuring Ted Nash on saxophone and clarinet and Steve Cardenas on guitar
  • Leo Genovese Trio, featuring Esperanza Spaldingon bass and vocals and Jack DeJohnette on drums


The second season is complete and, as I write this, still available, and the third season is underway.

If you’re a jazz fan, please support live musicians, both through attending live performances and purchasing their physical media, rather than buying the same ancient and venerable albums in yet another format or tip-toeing through streaming services which hardly keep a musician in stamps, much less meaningful support.


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