FUD-Free Digits from Aqua

If you have been charging down the digital trail, whether in computers, phones, cameras or audio gear, you know that substantial FUD factor is perpetually in force. FUD? Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! “If I buy something now, will it be superseded, outdated, yesterday’s news, by dinner time?” You know the odds are not in your favor.

So what’s a digital audiophile to do? The best answer has usually been, if you need Thing A to do what you want to do NOW, go ahead, make a choice, make a purchase. Otherwise, you’ll never decide, never make a purchase, never get to enjoy it!

Now, at least in DACs, there’s a much more satisfying answer: Aqua Acoustic Quality. Aqua‘s DACs are modular, which allows you to enjoy your cake today, and an enjoy an improved (tastier?) version tomorrow, without that appetite killer ‘sell at a loss and rebuy.’

Case in point: The Aqua Acoustic Quality La Voce DAC. I ordered a La Voce S2 a couple weeks ago. It arrived last Friday. It sounds lovely – not as lovely as the La Scala MkII Optologic, but truly musically satisfying and outstanding in its own price range. One of the noteworthy differences? The La Voce S2 uses a chipset; the La Scala MkII Optologic uses discrete resistor ladders.

Yesterday I saw something on Instagram that, from anyone else, would inspire FUD. Aqua‘s top dog, Cristian Anelli, posted a picture showing a discrete resistor ladder board with the comment “Introducing the S3.” The next generation – La Voce S3 – is (apparently) imminent, and this one change alone, (there may be others), is quite significant. And here I sit with a brand spankin’, moments-from-being-outmoded S2. Oh dear!

Fret not. Aqua‘s U.S. distributor Mark Sossa, (Well Pleased A/V), assures me that as soon as the S3 is released, I will be able to get mine upgraded, turning my S2 into an S3 like some digital Cinderella, but without the glass slipper and pumpkin coach.

Are you thinking about a new DAC? Give me a call; drop me a line. Somewhere between the La Voce, La Scala and Formula, Aqua has the right choice for your system and budget, with the extraordinary benefit of peace of mind.

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