Tomorrow I head out to the Windy City for audio shenanigans at the 2018 AXPONA. While I certainly hope to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen much of, or at all, since leaving ‘show biz’ in mid-2016, I’ll also be checking out new and newly updated products from lines I presently carry, namely the Innuos ZENith Statement – a two box, top dog music server and the Aqua HiFi La Voce S3 – a discrete R2R upgrade to the LaVoce S2, both being introduced this weekend in Chicago.

Further, I’ll be shopping for analog front end bits: a turntable line for those who feel faint upon hearing the JC Verdiers’ prices and a cartridge line or two to provide broader options for those not yet ready for EMT. I will NOT simply be looking to fill price points; that’s easy. I’m in search of top shelf performance at middle shelf prices – a far more difficult task.

Sounds like hard work, no? Well, that’s why there are bars, great restaurants and perhaps even a cigar. It all evens out in the end.

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