Old Forge Distributes Wand


I am very pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Old Forge Studio will import and distribute DesignBuildListen’s (DBL) Wand products.

Wand 10.3in Side-Small

At present, DBL’s Wand product lineup is comprised of six tonearms: two performance levels, (Plus and Master) in three lengths at each level. The 9.5” arms are drop-in replacements for Rega geometry arms. The 10.3” arms are both the longest length the Linn LP12 will accommodate and is also compatible with Technics’ turntables. The 12” arms may be used wherever 12” transcrition arms are currently being used.

Accessories, mounting plates and the like are available to support use not only on the LP12 and Technics (1200 and 1500 series) tables, but also SME slot mount, Thorens and Lenco turntables as well.

in early August I will receive a final prototype of the Wand 14-4 Turntable, which, according to Founder/Manager Simon Brown, will be released this Fall.

i will be attending the California Audio Show July 27-29 to discuss DBL and Wand products with any retailers interested in carrying Wand products as well as any interested journalists.

If you’re an interested retailer but won’t be in Oakland, please send me an inquiry via the Contact page.

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