After 15 years of doing audio shows and marketing for Audio Note, UK – including starting its recording project Audio Note Music – I took a year off, intending to establish a recording studio dedicated to making natural, minimally processed recordings of musicians with mainly acoustic instruments playing jazz, folk, blues, bluegrass and classical music.

Somewhere along the way I borrowed a pair of Auditorium 755 speakers and a Shindo pre-amp and power amp from Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports. I heard music in a way I had never heard it before. I was entranced, for lack of a better word. Quick as you can say, “Bob’s your uncle!”, I had become an audio retailer, using Old Forge Studio as a dual purpose space.

Because both the recording and the audio businesses use the same space, all visits are by appointment only. This is not a snob appeal thing; it’s to keep the musicians and hi-fi enthusiasts from interrupting each other as they enjoy music in their own way. It’s also to allow me to maximize your experience when you do visit – setting up and warming up the gear you most want to hear ahead of time.

You can learn more about the audio side of things at Updating the Scorecard.

To find out what brands are on offer, please visit the Brands page.